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Our Favorite Leathers

For Korapinbag signature bags, we use rawhide or natural Bridle Leather.

What is Bridle Leather ?

Bridle Leather is cow skin that widely use for making horse saddle. Also called Vegetable tanned leather. Untreated (non polished) skin has pale nude color, some natural marks and some scratches which won't be so visible after it gets some lushness.

Outstanding quality of Bridle Leather bag

When use often pale nude color will transform into darker tan and keep getting darker and darker. Every Bridle leather bag is different by the way of using and lifestyle of the users. Natural leather bags will gain lushness and softness from the ways they are carried and activities. The more you use, the more beautiful it gets. 

In the long run it will be your own bag.

Bridle Leather bags and our other leather goods are

THE PRODUCTS to use for a long time so we design the bags to be simple and classic.

Good quality will support your long time use. We use old school technique, bigger threads even some handworks mix with machine works to make our leather goods last as long as possible.

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